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Indian Ocean

The Seychelles islands are situated in a balmy, relatively calm swath of the Indian Ocean covering approximately 150,000 square miles. At its heart are the Inner Islands, which were first discovered by Arab traders at around 800 A.D. and later settled by French colonists in the 1700s. British, Indian, Middle Eastern, and African culture is commingled within the Seychelles, but the French roots of the country still exert the most influence. Creole is commonly spoken along with English. Most of the Seychelles is protected parkland, and its natural beauty and flourishing wildlife on the islands and coral reefs is the chief appeal. The occasional beachside bars and restaurants, the eclectic shops and eateries in the small villages, and the laid-back, good-natured quality of the people all contribute to the charm of a Seychelles powerboat charter.

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Mahe Power Charter

Giant tortoises, beautiful seabirds, exotic plants, and simply gorgeous tropical scenery are the hallmarks of a Seychelles powerboat charter. Power cruising among these impressive islands lush with forested mountains and replete with white-sand beaches is a true delight.

More about Mahe Power Charter

  • Historic Victoria Town
  • The Bird Sanctuary of Cousin Island
  • St. Anne Marine National Park
  • Giant Tortoises, Rare Birds
  • Aerial Sightseeing from La Digue Island
  • Mahé's White-Sand Beaches, Scenic Bays


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