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Moorings 4500 underway in the BVI

For half a century, The Moorings has shared our passion for sailing by creating picture-perfect charter experiences in destinations the world over. Over many years, we have established long-lasting relationships with prominent national and international trade publications, industry partners and associations. Our unparalleled global network keeps us informed of the latest hot spots, excursions and luxury upgrades to offer our charter guests.

Our Awards

The Moorings is honoured to receive recognition for its fleet and holiday planning services. The craftsmanship and simplicity of our luxury yachts - favourited by skippers and guests alike - consistently win recognition and awards in our industry. The most liberating way to travel, sailing charters make luxury holidays accessible to any type of traveller. Our awards showcase not only how but why guests thank us for making their unforgettable moments on the water possible. 



2020 | Travellers’ Choice Award




2020 | Moorings 534PC





Ecommerce Finalist2019 | Finalist for the Ecommerce Awards



2018 & 2019
Outstanding Achievement
in Web Development





2019 | Best Tour Operator




2018 | Certificate of Excellence

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2013 | Moorings 4800
2017 | Moorings 4500
2019 | Moorings 5000


Best Cross Border
Marketing Campaig 




Our Associations

The Moorings is proud to be an active member of many associations for travel agents and planners. We are dedicated to being the best at planning holidays on the water, and we are supported by our good standards with top trade associations. Our trusted position among industry peers challenges us to continuously improve our fleet, add new charter destinations and inform our guests on the best places to go and things to do.   

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Our Partners

The Moorings partners with leading travel agencies, businesses, marine organisations, schools and yacht manufacturers to shape the look of our fleet and plan guest travel, cruising guides and itineraries. The only charter company to offer Robertson & Caine's award-winning catamarans for rental, we excel at building long-lasting partnerships that matter most to our guests and crew. Our partnerships represent our commitment to exceeding standards of quality and safety. 


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