We are thrilled to announce the reopening of our marina in Marsh Harbour, scheduled for December 2021, and look forward to welcoming guests to sail the pristine waters of the Abacos once more.


Situated in the Atlantic Ocean south-east of Florida, the Bahamas have become a sought-after destination for travellers seeking an intimate paradise. The chain of more than 700 islands, both sprawling and shallow, rise from the sea and greet visitors with cays surrounded by barrier reefs and delightful island culture.

Cruise to Great Abaco Island, circled by a number of smaller islands and home to picturesque colonial towns. Billowing sails dot the Sea of Abaco where coral reefs and myriad shoals of tropical fish create a vibrant underwater experience for diversRefreshing trade winds blow across the sheltered waters, contributing to the regions appeal as a holiday destination. Countless activities, ranging from visiting historic sites to snorkelling to taste testing local dishes, will fill your days with unforgettable memories. Look around and you will find that what you are searching for is closer than you think.

Cruising in Abacos

Fair winds and a peaceful sea are what usually wait for charter yachts cruising through the Bahamas. During the winter months there are cooler, stronger northwesterly breezes to catch your sailsRoutes along the Sea of Abaco consist of short passages and line-of-sight navigation making for a tranquil trip. Some captains may find the shallow waters challenging where they need to take note of the tidal range; this can fluctuate during a full or new moon. It's in these waters that many charterers have gone from novice to expert, and it's a treasured sailing ground they continue returning to. The area is also ideal for families and groups of friends in search of a pleasant cruising experience in an amazing natural setting. Balmy weather can be found in the summer months around July and August, while cooling temperatures can reach the low 60s (15°Cbetween December and February.

Abacos Highlights

It could be the gentle trade winds, the serene beaches or the picturesque villages, but the islands of the Abacos have an appeal that continually lures in travellers from across the sea. Visitors will fall in love with the nautical ambience and the abundance of harbours, pleasant anchorages and dazzling ocean sunsets.