Crewed Yacht Charters

All-Inclusive & All About You

Crewed yacht charters deliver the ultimate all-inclusive holiday on the water aboard your own private Sail or Power catamaran. Complete with a professional captain and gourmet chef, your group of up to 10 will enjoy spacious accommodations and a premium, personalised yacht charter experience.

Your Moorings Crewed yacht charter blends the comfort of luxury holidays with the spirit of adventure travel. Aboard your private Sail or Power yacht, you’ll enjoy the nautical skills and local knowledge of your captain, while your gourmet chef surprises you again and again with delectable meals tailored to your particular tastes.

Choose from over 15 amazing destinations throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Americas, Indian Ocean, Far East, and South Pacific.

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What's Included

plus-symbol.png Captain and Chef
plus-symbol.png All Meals, Snacks, and Beverages*
plus-symbol.png Fully Stocked Bar*

plus-symbol.png  Watersports Equipment
plus-symbol.png  Free Wi-Fi
plus-symbol.png  Housekeeping Services

plus-symbol.png  Most Mooring Ball Fees + Fuel
plus-symbol.png  2 Bean Bags (Excluding Italy)
plus-symbol.png  Air Conditioning

*For more information, view the full list of what's included here.

Meet Your Crew

A great Crew is the centerpiece of any private yacht charter, and our gourmet chefs and expert crew members are some of the best in the industry. See pictures and profiles including qualifications, experience and specialties.

Gourmet Meals & More

Enjoy a dazzling array of drinks, delicacies and hors d’oeuvres from sunrise to sunset, all catering to your personal preferences.

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Our Crewed Charter Destinations

Cruise in a destination where each anchorage leads you to something new and every moment on board is unforgettable. All-Inclusive Crewed yacht charters are available in the Caribbean, Americas, Mediterranean, and the far-flung exotics. And no matter where you travel, your preferences, from the gourmet meals to the daily excursions, are always top priority.

Caribbean Yacht Charters
beach in the British Virgin Islands
  • Year-round warm weather
  • Some of the world's best beaches
  • Relaxed and casual Caribbean charm
Americas Yacht Charters
  • Choice of secluded beaches or vibrant culture
  • Exquisite Atlantic white-sand beaches
  • Sunny, temperate climates
Mediterranean Yacht Charters
  • Mix of bustling harbours and quiet anchorages
  • Old-world charm and historical sites
  • Varied, scenic coastlines
Exotics Yacht Charters
  • Vibrant flora and exotic wildlife
  • Miles of pristine white-sand beaches
  • Once-in-a-lifetime destinations

Our Crewed Fleet

The crewed charter experience begins with your expertly crafted yacht, which leaves you with a smooth ride, open spaces, and luxurious state-of-the-art features to give you the best experience on board. Each yacht’s spacious decks and open interiors mean you can spend as much time as you want on board without ever feeling crowded.

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Our Other Products

Sail Charters

Harness the wind with a sailing holiday aboard an innovative catamaran or sleek monohull in one of over 20 idyllic destinations. If you’re new to sailing, an expert Moorings Skipper can take the helm for an amazing adventure of discovery on the water like no other.

Power Charters

Whether you choose to take the helm yourself, or hire an expert Moorings Skipper, with a Moorings Power charter you’ll arrive in comfort and style. Our state-of-the-art Power catamarans are a stable, fast and fun holiday platform for an amazing holiday escape with family and friends.

By-the-Cabin Charters

When an entire yacht is more than you need, The Moorings By-the-Cabin Crewed Charter Holidays offer all the perks of a full all-inclusive Crewed yacht for the price of a single en-suite cabin. Ideal for parties of one or two.